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How to Recycle Industrial Plastic

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When you have a massive amount of plastic on your hands you might not know what to do with it. It can be difficult to handle such a large load of plastic items, especially if you don’t have much room to store the items. So, what does a company do with all of the plastic it has? You can’t simply throw it in the trash. Today, we will discuss how to handle industrial plastic recycling so your company can begin moving items in the correct way.

Set Items Aside

Make sure you have a room where employees can set plastic items aside before they are sent out to be recycled. Encourage all of your employees to recycle every plastic item that they come in contact with while on the job. You can use a storage room, a garage, or any other place in the company until the items can be moved.

Partner with a Firm

There are recycling companies out there that handle large loads of plastic from other companies on a regular basis. These recycling companies can also handle plastic pelletizing if your company needs this service. The firm will be able to come pick up the plastic items from your company and take them to be recycled. If you need the recycled items back at your company, they can then be dropped off for your use.

Create a Rewards Program

If you are having trouble getting employees to recycle the plastic they use at the office you can start a rewards program. This program would issue rewards to every employee based on the amount of plastic they collect and recycle while on the job. You could hand out gift cards, cash rewards, extra paid time off and more to those who do the best job at recycling while at work.

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